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Phases of Teaching: Understanding the Stages of Effective Education

Teaching is a complex process. It consists of many practices that teachers have to perform. Teaching is the basis of economic, social, political, and family life. Teaching has evolved through the decades. Teaching methods, phases, and practices have modernised education. Today, education is all about student focus and independent learning. Technological advancements assist in incorporating various teaching phases in the educational process. Teaching consists of different stages to make learning more effective. Philip W. Jackson has divided effective teaching into three phases: pre-active, interactive, and post-active.  This article will first consider the phases of teaching. This article will outline the

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Should Students Get Limited Access to Internet?

Explore the benefits that internet access brings to students and individuals, highlighting the positive aspects it offers. Delve into the potential drawbacks of unrestricted internet access for young people. Recognize the advantages of introducing limited internet access, which has a more positive impact on the younger generation.

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