Should Students Get Limited Access to Internet?

Explore the benefits that internet access brings to students and individuals, highlighting the positive aspects it offers. Delve into the potential drawbacks of unrestricted internet access for young people. Recognize the advantages of introducing limited internet access, which has a more positive impact on the younger generation.

The Internet is the prime source of information today. People use the internet for entertainment, work, or studies. Access to the internet has assisted people in doing their work faster and more effectively. Companies and trade organisations rely on the Internet to run their business affairs properly. Students use the internet to access information for their studies. The internet has made remote learning possible for students all over the world. The internet brings many benefits, but having unlimited access can have some drawbacks for students.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of the Internet.

  1. Communication. The Internet is a platform for communication. People like to communicate with family, friends, colleagues, and others. Instant tools connect people through online calls, video calls, chats, etc. Young people have been seeking more ways of online communication lately.
  2. Online Shopping. People use the Internet for online shopping at the convenience of their homes. People browse through items or services and make purchases through online banking. In addition, they can create online businesses and sell their items or services online.
  3. Remote learning. The use of technology in education and the expansion of the Internet have made remote learning possible. Teachers can exchange learning materials and assessments with their students online. Students can hold study groups with their classmates online. Furthermore, students have access to plenty of educational resources online.
  4. Entertainment. Young people today are all about entertainment. They have unlimited access to music, movies, or video games online. They can exchange interests in online trends with their peers instantly. Social media platforms make the exchange of such information convenient and attractive. Students Get Limited Access to Internet

Contrary to the many benefits that access to the internet offers today, there are also many harms. Access to the limited internet can protect young children from online dangers. Below, we can discuss a few reasons why unlimited access to the internet is harmful.

  1. Addictive. Young people today spend too much time surfing online. As a result, their academic performance declines. The internet is very addictive. It can hook young children into surfing online for hours. Through the internet, students access plenty of educational materials. However, students spend time surfing unnecessary stuff most of the time.
  2. Family contact. The internet can cause family connections to suffer. Since young people spend too much time online, family bonding and quality time are neglected.
  3. Unhealthy. Excessive usage of the internet can cause physical and mental issues. Younger people become unhealthily addicted to and obsessed with video games and other platforms. Furthermore, the unhealthy time spent online can cause physical issues. When people surf online, no physical movements are involved. As a result, young people suffer from back and neck aches, eyesight problems, and limb stiffness from a young age.
  4. Social interactions. Students use the Internet to communicate with their peers. However, addictions to platforms or video games can cause antisocial behaviour. Furthermore, their social life ceases to exist. Students prefer spending time chatting online rather than going out and meeting people. As a result, there is a lack of forming relationships, and their communication skills decline.
  5. Viruses, Hackers, Adult content, Ads etc. Many spam ads, computer viruses, and inappropriate pop-ups happen while surfing. Exposure to such online content is dangerous for young people. Access to Internet

To conclude, the Internet has brought many benefits to young people today. However, unlimited access to internet causes too many issues in students’ academic performance and social and family lives. It is better if students and younger children have limited access to the internet to prevent harmful outcomes.


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