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Digital blackboards are transforming the field of education by revolutionizing teaching methods. These innovative tools combine the benefits of traditional blackboards with cutting-edge technology, providing educators with a dynamic and interactive platform to engage students.

Digital Blackboard for Teaching

Technology has become an important piece of equipment in the classroom in recent years. The use of technology in education went from blackboards to digital blackboards. Students aren’t the only ones who have had to adapt to such technology – teachers have too. So, we’ve assorted a short list of digital and interactive boards that we think would be great for your classroom, no matter your level of tech knowledge and ranging in price to fit your classroom requirements. 

Gladwin Smart Classroom Board for Education

This Gladwin Smartboard is a recent model of board, meaning it’s up to date with the latest technologies. It is currently priced at around 85,000 and is available on IndiaMart, but ships to several large countries. We chose Gladwin Global Inc, the company that created it, is a well-known tech company that also makes computers. In its description it’s said to be made for classrooms, proving that it is a great use for that environment. Classroom Board for Education

Although pricey, you get what you’re paying for. With a 1-5th smart class service and 1-12th smart class service, this is a highly regarded brand. The Gladwin Smartboard also teaches English speaking and has a high power consumption, especially in comparison to other boards on the market. However, we know it is an expensive choice, so we’ve got some cheaper alternatives for the same impeccable quality.

Finger touch and Stylus Pen IR Interactive Ceramic Board Pentagon Tech Fusion

Introducing the Finger Touch and Stylus Pen IR Interactive Ceramic Board by Pentagon Tech Fusion – at almost half the price of the first on our list! Despite being slightly smaller, the Pentagon Tech Fusion board is still robust and multi-functional, perfect for the classroom. With an aspect ratio of forty-three and a patented sensor, what more could you need? What’s unique about this board, in particular, is that the board has several touchpoints, a large internal speaker and a seventy-eight-inch active area, which is why we chose it! It can even take up to four touches at once!

Available on Indiamart for around 45,000, this board comes with high-speed rates and hot keys on both sides. This product is known to have good customer service too, so if you stumble into any problems with the device, you can depend on them to get back to you quickly with an easy fix! Another reason we chose it was because of one incredible feature – their displays in-store. You can go in-store and test the exact product you want in all its wonder before even purchasing it to ensure it’s precisely what you’re looking for. Your students will find this board easy to interact with and colourful to the eyes, a great feature of your classroom.

Ceramic Interactive Digital Board Future Tek Solutions

Finally, the Ceramic Interactive Digital Board by Future Tek Solutions. Although the cheapest of the lot on our list, there’s no reason to disregard this board which still has some wonderful perks. See it as a mix of the two boards above – at 35,000 you get a ceramic base with 150 power consumption and is directly advertised towards teachers and classrooms. With a background in tech, Future Tek Solutions are known for its interactive classroom devices, making them a trustworthy company.

Future Tek Solutions prides itself in clear, concise communication with its customers, to quote; ‘We direct all our activities to cater for the expectations of customers by providing them excellent quality products as per their gratifications. Moreover, we follow moral business policies and crystal-pure transparency in all our transactions to keep healthy relations with the customers. This company is slightly older than the others we’ve mentioned, so they know what they’re doing, establishing themselves for a prolonged period. If you like their Ceramic Interactive Digital Board, you can also get their other products such as their BENQ Projectors to go perfectly alongside it!

Digital Blackboard For Online Teaching

Since the pandemic, online teaching has been a common occurrence. We all had to adapt to it, including the technology we use during those lessons. Although the higher-priced boards would be the best quality for online teaching, all the boards listed above will do. However, it’s also possible to use online boards during online lessons, it’s all down to preference.

Revolutionizing Teaching

Digital Blackboard for Teaching Price

As to pricing, the average seems to be from 30,000 to 90,000. There is a good variation within this price range, so whether you have the highest or lowest price range, you’ll still be able to get something of good quality. What’s also great is that all of these are accessible on IndiaMart, so you don’t have to scavenge to find your perfect fit. IndiaMart is a great place to discover more boards that shape your needs, so if these don’t do it for you, there is certainly one that will. Let us know how you get on with our picks and which you like the most! Be on the lookout for more ICT suggestions from us soon to change up and level up your classroom!

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