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Uncover a wealth of learning opportunities for your students through an array of books. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, English or Hindi, math or language, we have the perfect selection to enhance their educational journey.

Best Books to Read for Students

Books are an integral part of a student’s education and life. Not only do they learn to read, write, and speak, but they have fun doing so and learn whilst they do it. When you  try to find educational books for your students, what do you consider first? The language it’s in, the imagery, the colours, or its purpose? Below, we’ve suggested some of the best books for your students and their education, which tick all of the above boxes! Books for Students

The Intelligence/Study Book – “Intelligence is a comprehensive exploration of the nature, measurement, and applications of human intelligence. Drawing on the latest research and theories from psychology, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence, this book provides a deep understanding of the cognitive processes that underlie intelligence and the different forms of intelligence that exist. The book covers topics such as IQ testing, emotional intelligence, creativity, problem-solving, and the neuroscience of intelligence, among others. With clear and engaging writing, Intelligence is an accessible guide to the fascinating world of human cognition, and it will be of interest to students, researchers, and anyone curious about how the mind works” (Book Description, IndiaMart). From around 50 to 470, this book has high reviews and is available in most places.

Best Hindi Books for Students

UKG Children Hindi Educational Book – Want to educate your students in Hindi? Working abroad and teaching Hindi? This book is perfect for you. For 70 a piece on IndiaMart, but also available in other places, this book sets the tone for your young students in their journey of both Hindi and education. Hardbound and printed, this book is appropriate for most young and new students with its colourful illustrations and fun layout.

Children Hindi Akshar Gyan Book – “The book “AKSHAR GYAN” has been designed by our subject experts specifically for preschool children to teach them Hindi Swar thereby preparing the child for school with good basic knowledge about the subject. The book carries good and simple worksheets with ample space to practice according to their developing brains accompanied by fascinating HD images so that they get to implement what they have learned simultaneously thereby making learning and teaching both sides pleasurable for the teacher, parents and kids” (Book Description, IndiaMart). With beautiful illustrations, this book is perfect for students that prefer a modern look and need especially interactive and engaging imagery.
Best Books for Students

Inspirational Books for Students

The Sank Magic Book Set – When children step into the world of educational books, their mind needs to be consistently stimulated or they can become fidgety and lose attention. That’s why we’re suggesting the Sank Magic Book Set for your students. If they’re learning English, it’s going to be especially important to keep them focused. The Sank Magic Book Set is inspirational and engaging as it is colourful, engaging, and interactive, and uses animations and characters to aid the process of learning the language. This book set is one of the most popular and therefore very accessible and at a fairly cheap price range!

Shabd Gyan Book – “The Shabd Gyan Book provided by us is used for the improvement of children’s general knowledge. This book is known for its eye-catching prints and vivid pictures, which make learning a fun process” (Book Description, IndiaMart). With four out of five star reviews, the sellers on IndiaMart are reputable and fairly priced. Want your students to learn the basics of life, such as vegetable and fruit names and descriptions? This book is the answer to all of your problems, and is luckily accessible to you and your classroom. 

111 English and Hindi Aesop Fable Books – Everybody has heard of the Aesop Fable books, but why are they inspirational? Teaching children about morals such as kindness and helpfulness won’t only educate your students, but will aid them in developing their personalities and personal growth. What’s great about these books is that they are extremely accessible, fairly cheap, and come in both English and Hindi. Whether your students are learning English or being taught in Hindi, this book entirely adapts to your classroom. Why not get both versions? Fictional or not, these books have a purpose in your students’ lives and are very engaging. They allow questions to be asked and actions to be questioned. What more can you want from a book?

So, what do you think of these suggestions? This range of books will make a perfect book nook for your classroom that your students will adore and treasure. They won’t be able to ignore it! Make sure to check out our other article, the Best Novels for Students, for more examples of English famous fiction we suggest for your students.

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